Empowering civil and public sector in Kosovo, 2014-2015

To empower civil society and communities in northern Kosovo in order to increase citizen participation in decision making processes.

With this project we want to encourage CSOs and citizens to, through systems of public administration require and seek clarification on emerging political, security, education, health situation and further developments in the field. Requesting that the agreed steps of the Brussels Agreement implementation are transparent to the public in order for citizens themselves to decide their participation regarding the integration processes.

Through the new approaches in the public speaking field we will contribute to the citizens including both public and nongovernmental sector to try out new ways to reach the politicians and directly get involved in policy making processes. The Ignite concept is part of a global movement to hold fast, short and concise presentation with the aim to inspire and introduce new ideas to the audience in an informal setting.

Rules of the Ignite are simple:

• Presentations last 5 minutes

• Each presentation has 20 power point slides

• Slides automatically turn on 15 seconds

• Presenter has no control over changing slides