“Enhancing inclusion of minority graduates in local and central level public administration in Kosovo”

The NGO “Center for Peace and Tolerance” (CPT) from Gracanica, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Germany in Pristina, is launching a Call for Applications for a new cycle of the program “Enhancing inclusion of minority graduates in local and central level public administration in Kosovo” for graduate students of non-majority communities, from the municipalities of Gracanica, Ranilug, Partes, Novo Brdo, Klokot, Strpce, North Mitrovica, Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic with the aim of supporting the professional development of members of these communities in Kosovo.

The aim of the project is to improve the skills of graduates from Serbian and other non-majority communities, enabling them to function professionally and effectively as public servants in local self-government units and / or central government institutions.

The program is based on conducting the professional practice (internship) and is designed to respond to the real needs of local government institutions in Kosovo, which in this case particularly applies to 10 Serb majority municipalities. Through interactive learning, candidates will gather information about the real needs of local government administration, while at the same time they will be tasked with responding to the needs of the population.

Up to 75 graduates will be selected in the first phase of the program. The internship will last for a total of 12 months, during that time the interns will receive a four-month training course that includes classes on computer education and office equipment, Public Sector in Kosovo – Institutions, Laws and Procedures, Business Correspondence and Client Communication, as well as Albanian and English language classes (after which they will take exams for additional certificates). Interns will also be offered a German language course, which would be optional. After completing the 4 months training, which is conducted in Serbian language, all candidates will take knowledge tests where all those who pass the tests will be offered to continue their professional practice for next 8 months in one of the local self-government units or one of the central level institutions. Applicants with the highest grades will be given the opportunity to continue their internship at one of the Embassies / Liaison Offices in Pristina.

Interns will receive an allowance of 150€ (gross) per month for the duration of the internship, where payment will be made in euros and exclusively through a bank transaction.

Upon completion of the internship, all applicants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate.

Selection Process:

Commission composed of representatives of the Municipalities and NGO CPT, will select up to 75 graduates from non-majority communities to participate in the internship program at public institutions of central and local level. The selection process will be transparent and open to the public, while only candidates who meet all the requirements of this Call for Applications will be invited for interviews. Preference will be given to graduates of academic studies who have obtained higher degrees of academic education. At least 20% of interns will be members of other non-majority communities in the municipalities where the project is being implemented.

General conditions for applying:

  • graduate of academic or specialist studies,
  • not over 35 years of age,
  • have a valid Kosovo ID,
  • unemployed.

Required documents:

  1. E – application form;
  2. Scanned copy of a valid Kosovo ID / Passport;
  3. Scanned photocopy of diploma;
  4. Scanned motivation letter (in which the candidate explains why he/she wants to apply for the internship and why he/she thinks that he/she is the best candidate for this program), not longer than one A4 page.
  5. Scanned evidence of course and training attendance (if any);
  6. Scanned written recommendation from a person not related to the candidate and who has no conflict of interest regarding this Program.

All necessary documents are submitted exclusively in electronic form. Applications with incomplete documentation or late submission of documentation will not be considered.

Within 15 days from the closing date of this Application Call, the Commission will consider the submitted applications and notify the shortlisted candidates.

Depending on the situation with the pandemic, there is a possibility that shortlisted candidates will conduct the written test and be interviewed via Skype, Viber or any online platform that the candidate have.

NGO CPT will act in accordance with all safety recommendations of the competent health authorities, so that not only the selection and testing process, but also the complete Program will be aligned with the current health situation with full implementation and compliance with all necessary prescribed protective measures.

After interviewing the candidates, the Commission will prepare a ranking list of potential interns, which will be published exclusively on the websites of all Municipalities (if possible), as well as on the website and this will be the only way to inform potential candidates of the results of the competition.

The e-application form can be found on the websites of the Municipalities as well as on the website .

The application deadline starts from the date of publication, 1 April 2020 and will last 28 days, until 28 April 2020 at 4pm.

Potential candidates may send their documents exclusively to the e-mail address with the title “APPLICATION FOR INTERNSHIP”.

Note: The Candidates are obliged to send us their phone numbersin order to have faster communication regarding online tests and interviews.

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