Visit of the Prime Minister’s Advisor for Community Affairs to the CPT office


Today, the office of the Center for Peace and Tolerance in Gračanica was visited by Mrs.
Elizabeth Gowing, Advisor to the Prime Minister for Community Affairs, with her team.
Members of the CPT presented the guests with the past work of our organization, ongoing
projects as well as plans for the future, while Mrs. Gownig presented her activities in the field of
improving the living conditions of all communities in Kosovo. During the meeting, the situation
and ways to improve respect for human rights, the rule of law, and the development of
democracy in Kosovo were discussed, which is one of the most important goals of our
Mrs. Gowing pointed out that this type of meeting is very important and can lead to a better
understanding of the situation in which the communities find themselves, but it can also lead to
concrete actions that would have a deep and lasting impact on all communities in Kosovo,
including the Serbian community and other minority communities in Kosovo.

CPT representatives emphasized that they agree that such meetings are important, even
necessary because the channels for communication between the civil sector and the institutions
of the central authorities must remain open. In addition, they emphasized the importance of
cooperation between organizations such as the CPT and government institutions such as the
Prime Minister’s Office for the achievement of common goals in the area of respect for human
rights, the rule of law, and the development of democracy. It is essential to continue and expand
these forms of communication and cooperation, in order to raise the standards for respect for
human rights, especially of minority communities. Such engagement is key to creating an
environment in which all communities can live equally.

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